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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shannon's Reviews - Salem's Lot by Stephen King


Title: Salem’s Lot
Series: N/A
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror, Vampires, Fiction
Publisher: Anchor
Received: bought
Release Date: October 1975
Pages: 653

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

A struggling author returns to the town he grew up in to revisit some skeletons of his past for a new book. He finds romance, friendship and more evil then he can deal with as townspeople start disappearing.

Stephen King can really describe a setting and get you settled in.  He gets the reader the feeling of being comfortable and then boom here comes the creepy.  The creepy just increases and increases.  For me I keep thinking wait let's go back to the comfiness.  I want to see author, Ben, connect more with townie, Susan.  

When I read King I expect major scariness, the creeps and...not completely welcomed nightmares.  This one had some creep factor but it was not really scary to me.  I find his short stories scare me the most. It was a decent book.  I was not thrilled with the ending either.  In some ways it set up for a sequel although I do not know if there is one or not.  I know there is a short story prequel called Jerusalem’s Lot which I have never read.

For a vampire book it had some interesting takes on the usual mythos. Other than that I say there is better Stephen King books if you want scary but it is some very good writing.


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