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Monday, January 2, 2017

Mumbling Monday - Holiday Reading


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First let me start off with a


Once October comes around I start thinking whether or not I want to read a holiday themed book.  Since I have been in a reading rut all of 2016 I thought maybe reading along with other bloggers would get me back in the groove of things.  Unfortunately, I ended up with three more books started and unfinished..  The first book is a horror read for Halloween (Salem’s Lot by Stephen King), the second and third for Christmas (Christmas With Anne And Other Stories by L.M. Montgomery and The Gift by Pete Hamill)  

I really got into Salem’s Lot and I am over halfway point. It will probably be the next book I finish,  Then there are the Christmas books… I do not know whether to continue reading or save them for next year.

I really hope to pick up reading and writing reviews more often. I guess that is kinda a resolution for this new year.

Does your reading schedule include holiday books?  Do you have any resolutions about reading or book blogging?

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