Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shannon's Review - The Swans Of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin


Title: The Swans Of Fifth Avenue
Series: N/A
Author: Melanie Benjamin
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Received: from Net Galley
Release Date: January 2016
Pages: 369


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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Based on a real friendship of socialites and an author taking place at a different time in the USA.  Author Truman Capote made a name for himself after writing  Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood.  His fame gave him a ticket to parties in New York that would introduce him to a group of woman famous in their own right, for being fashionistas and marrying men with wealth and stature.  Truman’s favorite lady socialite was Babe Paley and he was her favorite as well.  This historical fiction author Melanie Benjamin imagined conversations that probably happened within the “Swans”. Eventually leading towards the downfall of Truman Capote and the change of what is fame and who has it. .

Melanie Benjamin really has a knack for finding the voice of the people she is writing about. Everything feels so truthful as if she was actually in the room with the characters she wrote about.  Since what she is writing about is historical fiction, the characters are real people but the social interactions are imagined by author.

This book did take me a little longer to fall into and really believe the voices.  This could also be because it was the first by Melanie Benjamin that I read in ebook format. I find that I do not connect to the story as well as I do with a physical book.  I also like to draw out reading the end of her books because they are just so good.

Historical fiction books are good after a reading slump because if it is written well enough you want to read other books about people the book is based on. This is the 4th book by Melanie Benjamin all historical fictions and all have been so enjoyable. I now have to wait for her next one.  I hope the wait is not too long.

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