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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shannon's Review - The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore


Title: The Stupidest Angel
Series: N/A
Author: Christopher Moore
Genre: Fiction, Holiday, Fantasy
Publisher: William Morrow
Received: From
Release Date: October 2008
Pages: 306

Author Christopher Moore’s Official Websites:





Shannon’s Thoughts:

A town that is full of crazies to begin with get’s sent an angel to grant the Christmas wish of a young boy.  The angel who gets the job is a little bonkers himself and...well more chaos ensues as the angel tries to give the child what he wants.

The book is pure silliness which seems to be a theme of Moore books and it is why I like them but sometimes too much silliness can bore a person.  Like the saying “ You can’t have too much a good thing”.

I have been recommended The Stupidest Angel many times over the years.  Many have said that this is author Christopher Moore’s best book.  It is the third book I have read by him and I have to said it is in third place for me.  I like A Dirty Job and then You Suck for first and second.

Although it is not my favorite Moore book I still like his humor even if sometimes it goes a little too far. I will read more of his books because I do enjoy the characters.


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