Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Shannon's Review - Beloved by Toni Morrison


Title: Beloved
Series: Toni Morrison Trilogy #1
Author: Toni Morrison
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Plume/ Penguin Book
Received:  From Swap site
Release Date: 1988
Pages: 275


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Shannon Thoughts:

A family built during slavery.  Beloved is a story central around Sethe, a mother who is left with one daughter and the memory of the one lost.  The book moves it’s way through dark past and present.

I first saw the movie of Beloved.  I was a fan of Oprah and was curious about the supernatural element.  The premise of book and movie is very dark.  Sethe is caught in her memories of the past and is missing her present life with the daughter she has.   Then mysteriously a young woman appears and stays with the family, the name she goes by is Beloved.

I understood the need to go back and forth to the past and present while telling the story. As usual when I read books like this I have to go back and read words over again. I was reminded by my husband how dark the movie was and he was convinced I would not like it. It is not that I did not like in fact I do like it.  I like the darkness of the story, because describes the reality of life at times.

I am also surprised to see on goodreads this considered a first book in series.  As of now I do not think I will read the others in the series.  I may change my mind if I see recommendations or a movie is to come out.  


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