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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Salon - And The Award Goes To....Not Me.

So here I am watching the Golden Globes.  I have only seen but two or three of the movies that have nominations.  My favorite thing about awards show is all the great outfits and also guessing who will win the awards with my hubby.

What I have not been doing is keeping up with the book blogging and you know what I am not going apologize or make promises. This blog was started as something fun to do and frankly it have become a chore.  I am in the process of figuring out how to enjoy reading again.

I wish I could say that that I am coming up with something you, as a reader, will like.  Honestly I need to find my like button first.

Needless to say I really do not want to give this up.  I am just reading super slow but at least now I am reading.  Baby steps…

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