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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shannon's Review - Port Of Entry by John P, Lintz Sr.

Title: Port Of Entry: Lovers and Agents
Series: N/A
Author: John P. Lintz Sr.
Genre: Thriller, Fiction
Publisher: Outskirt Press
Received:  From Author For Review
Release Date: July 2008
Pages: 344

Author’s Websites:


Shannon’s Thoughts:

Port Of Entry features the budding romance of two American spies, JJ Ibarra and Elena Castellanos.  They first meet on a mission together and become inseparable.  Which may sound like a complete romance book, but it is not.  The book starts with leaving abbreviations of  different departments of USA and Mexico highest law enforcers and leaving little information about what is what..   

I thought the romance between JJ and Elena was cute.  Their relationship progressed quickly.  I have to say that the scenes with JJ or Elena were the only scenes I liked.

All throughout the book there were the abbreviations most of them I did not know and took my brain out of the book because I would get so angry, especially in the beginning, not knowing what the abbreviations stood for.  Also there were other characters that seemed like they would be more important later and come back into the story but they do not.  As I think of the book now I do not know what the plot of the book is.

There were some decent characters but as I said no real plot. The romance saved the book somewhat but really had annoying side stories.

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