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Monday, August 19, 2013

Shannon's Review - Winds Of Salem by Melissa De La Cruz

Title: Winds Of Salem
Series: Witches Of EastEnd
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Genre: Fantasy,
Publisher: Hyperion
Received: From Publisher for review
Release Date: August 2013
Pages: 288

Author’s Websites:

Shannon’s Thoughts:

The Beauchamp family returns in the 3rd installment of The Witches Of Eastend series.  The family that was once Gods and Goddesses are in our world stripped of their full magic. The youngest of the clan is thrown back in time, during the Salem witch trials, not able to remember her life and family.  The rest of the family is trying there best to get her back before she dies permanently this time.

I have reviewed the other books in this series and I adore this one just as I do the others. In Winds of Salem we get to know Freya’s twin brother, Freddie, who was previously stuck in limbo. I love the bits of magic and mysticism and always crave more.  I took my time reading because I did not want leave the world.

There was some confusion to me about Freddie’s wife, who I did not even remember them mentioning her before. I wished there was more about the magic.  I would also like to see Ingrid love life to move even more forward.

I hope this is not the last of the Beauchamp series.  I think there is so much that could happen.


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