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Monday, April 22, 2013

Shannon's Review - Horse And Hen Count To Ten by Maisy Daniels

Title: Horse And Hen Count To Ten
Series: N/A
Author: Maisy Daniels
Genre: Childrens, Picture Book
Publisher: Gerald Hawksley
Received: Purchased
Release Date: February 2012
Pages: 27

Author’s Official Website:


Shannon’s Thoughts:

A very simple yet lively childrens’ book on counting.  Using rhyming and drawings of animals Horse And Hen Count To Ten is wonderful book that toddlers can learn from easily.  

The rhyming felt very natural and not forced which why the book feel like so much fun. I like that the Horse and Hen do there counting first and then the story starts over and the child reading gets to count.

I read this through my kindle. To be honest I am not sure how I feel about childrens picture books being read through e book devices.  It feels to be missing something in the connection of holding a real book compared to holding a cold device.

As far as this story is concerned, I loved it.  Children will love it and they will learn from it.

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