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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rebecca's Review - American Assassin by Vince Flynn

Title: American Assassin
Series: N/A
Author: Vince Flynn
Genre: Thriller, Fiction
Publisher: Atria Books
Received: From Publicist for Review
Release Date: October 2010
Pages: 435

Author’s Website:
Official Site of Vince Flynn

Rebecca’s Thoughts:

Revenge simmers in the heart and soul of a young man who has lost the love of his life at the hands of terrorists. His only goal is to see them die. That works out perfectly when he is recruited by a covert group under the CIA to take out terrorists one by one, even those that help the terrorists. What he finds in the covert operation is an older version of himself who is not keen on having him on board. What will the new recruit do to show them that he has what it takes and then some? Rebellion and blood.
This is a generally fast paced story. Most of it is not cloak and dagger, but it goes through this recruitment and training as well as the plans of his first assignment. Nothing slows down too much. Even with the backstories being revealed, you’ll want to keep reading and not put it down.
The storyline is great. It kept me hooked. I read a lot of espionage type of books and usually enjoy them all. Sometimes you find one that seems to be too much like the others. This book is not one of those. I could easily compare it to many of my favorite espionage authors, but it is still unique enough to stand on its own.
The characters are wonderfully developed. I found myself falling in love with Mitch, the main character, but also enjoying the others he came in contact with. They were realistic enough to be drawn to yet were unique enough to be fictional. I think Hurley was my favorite despite his bad attitude and arrogance toward Mitch. As the real Hurley came out, you found a man that was much more than you had originally seen.
There is a lot of violence in this book. Executions occur. Torture is described in such detail that I actually had to skip a couple of paragraphs because I was about to scream out in my pain myself. Sorry, but having my nails pulled out doesn’t feel good to me.
I only mention editing issues when I’m reading a published version of a book. I was rather shocked at the amount of editing issues I found in this hardcover book. Periodically, words would be missing from a sentence which would require me to read it several times to figure out what was meant to have been said. The worst was when I found the wrong names used. One man is being held prisoner and tortured, but he was suddenly speaking in another scene across town. That was rather disappointing.
If you like spies, cloak and dagger, and secrets, you’ll love this book. Yes, there is language. There are no explicit scenes. There is violence. Oh, and you’ll find a great read. If you like this genre, go for it. You won’t regret it. Despite the editing issues, I loved this so much that I have the rest of the author’s books on my wish list.
Note: I received this book from a colleague with no expectation of a positive review.

Rebecca Graf
Author of Deep Connections

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