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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shannon's Review - The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

Title: The Looking Glass Wars
Series: The Looking Glass Wars #1
Author: Frank Beddor
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Dial Books
Received: From Publisher for review
Release Date: July 2006
Pages: 364

My Thoughts:

The Looking Glass Wars is a new take on the Lewis Carroll books Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  In this series princess Alyss is training and is destined to have the strongest imagination in the family. Imagination is how the people in Wonderland use to fight against bad guys like her Aunt Redd. They also use imagination for other menial things.

The Looking Glass War is a very creative series.  I love how they tied in the real life people of the original Alice in Wonderland. Alyss gets lost in the real world, adopted by the Liddells she loses her imagination and begins to believe that there is no Wonderland until... she is found again many years later.

I can not think of anything I disliked about this first book in a series. I loved the new twist on old characters and some new characters as well.

I really like this start of the series I don’t know why left it on my shelf to read for so long.  I also have the next book Seeing Redd and I will be reading it.  It is a good Young Adult book with much action.  You can also read it without have read the original books by Carroll.


Official Looking Glass Wars Website

Official Frank Beddor Website


Gold Robot said...

There are also some graphic novels that go along with the series.

They focus on Hatter Madigan. There are three already out. And a fourth is on the way.

In fact, it's part of Kickstarter campaign that's going on right now:

Lots of cool stuff for fans of Hatter or the Looking Glass Wars available as rewards if you back the project.

Shannon McGee said...

Hi Gold Robot! Thanks for stopping by!

I did see the graphic novels that have and will come on the Hatter.
I also joined Beddor's Facebook page.