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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shannon's Review - The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers

Title: The City Of Dreaming Books
Series: Zamonia #4
Author: Walter Moers
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Overlook
Received: Purchased
Release Date: September 2008
Pages: 464

What is it About?

Optimus Yanspinner want become a writer like every Bookholm they all love reading books and writing.  His Mentor passes on a short piece of writing that is probably the best written story ever.  So Optimus searches for the author.

My Thoughts:

A strange book with stranger creatures.  There are lizards, cyclopes, living books, and some things I can not even describe.   Optimus Yanspinner goes on an adventure looking for the author of the best written story ever.    Optimus almost dies many times as he gets lost in the catacombs of Bookholm..  

I did not get into the book until I was half way through.  The book became fun once the Booklings came along.  This a uniquely strange and delirious book.  I find it really hard to described because is like nothing I can remember.   I figure how can you go wrong with a book about books and a world that loves books.

The biggest reason I had a hard time getting into the book until the middle was because all the strange names and strange descriptions.  I also felt that there were times the description was like watching a movie with too much going on at once and not really knowing what was going on.  I reread some scenes over and over.

A world of book lovers and writers who write books that become magically dangerous and some that are just normal readable books. How can you not love a world like that if you are avid reader.  The book is very different.  Am I glad I read it? Yeah I guess I am.  It really for someone with an wide open imagination.



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