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Friday, October 5, 2012

Review - Shoot For The Moon by Corinne Humphrey

Title: Shoot For The Moon
Series: N/A
Author:  Corinne Humphrey
Genre: Childrens Book, Picture Book
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Received: From Publishers
Release Date: April 2011
Pages: 32

What is it About?

Dogs live a simple life. This book give out simple words to live by from a dog.
My Thoughts:

The author’s dog Rudy inspired quotes that bring hope, happiness, and love.  It’s a book for all ages with simple statements that even Rudy would agree.

I like the artwork which is very simple not much detail much like the quotes, short and sweet.  The author shows that Rudy has a wonderful life and by watching him suggesting that we should too.   Whether it is painting or letting off some steam at the moon.  Very cute and sweet.



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C. Humphrey said...

Thank you for your nice review of Shoot for the Moon! Visit our website, to see new paintings and blog posts. I appreciate your efforts at celebrating books and reading!
Best,Corinne Humphrey