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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guest Post From Author Carol Cassada


Most romance novels only have one male character, but have you ever read a book with nine male characters. Yes, that’s right nine.
In my romance/soap opera book series Westmore, there’s a wide variety of characters dealing with love, heartache, and struggles in their lives. Today, I’ll be talking about the men of Westmore.
Jack: He’s the oldest of the Green brothers and ever since the death of his father he’s taken over the patriarch role to protect his mother and siblings. For years he’s worked as a bartender at Buck’s Bar and Grill, but after the owner decides to retire, Jack buys the place and sets in motion to make it the hottest spot in town. Even though Jack’s doing well professionally, his personal life isn’t so great. He broke up with his true love Vanessa, and to this day still blames himself for the break-up. But Jack shouldn’t worry, with his good looks and fun personality, he’s sure to have ladies swooning over him.

Scott: Is a tattooed rock star and the middle of the Green brothers. Ever since he was a kid, Scott’s loved music and made it his life’s passion. Along with his sister Alicia, he formed The Dark Souls, one of the hottest bands in town. With the support of his girlfriend Melissa, Scott sets out to make his band a big time success.

Peter: The youngest of the brothers, Peter is nineteen, with a fun personality and a sensitive soul. The death of his father hit him hard and before long he was hanging out with the wrong crowds, but luckily he had his siblings to help him and set him on the right path. Recently, Peter returns home with his new girlfriend Zoey, whose ten years older than him and causes concern for his family.

Jacob: The son of real estate tycoon Stan Reynolds and is now following in his father’s footsteps. At twenty-three he’s already became a successful realtor and with his professional life flourishing, he turns his attention to his personal life. After a broken engagement, he meets and falls in love with rocker Alicia Green, his total opposite. Even though his father’s opposed to his new girlfriend, Jacob’s happier than he’s ever been since Alicia’s come into his life and opened him up to a whole new world.

Stan: This successful realtor took his small business and turned it into one of the biggest in town, while raising two children on his own. The death of his wife Helen hit him hard, and now that his children are grown, he feels lonelier and thinks his life is empty. But Stan’s life is about to get a lot more complicated when his divorced daughter Laura and daughter Megan move in. Plus, Stan’s dealing with the shock of his son’s new girlfriend, causing clashes between the father and son.

Jim: The rugged detective’s been protecting citizens of Westmore for twenty years. He too is also a single father to daughter Paige. And after a failed marriage; he’s looking for love and soon finds it with widow Charlotte Green.

Jeff: The youngest of the Braxton brothers. Growing up, he felt like second best compared to his brother Andrew. For years he’s had to deal with his father and brother’s controlling attitudes. He let them run every aspect of his life without standing up for himself. But now that he’s older, he’s tired of the behavior and not letting anyone control his life.

Andrew:  Is the oldest Braxton brother. After his father’s death, he inherits control of the family’s publishing company along with his father’s controlling attitude. His attitude is what drove away his daughters and it’s now beginning to take a toll on his wife and son. Even though at times Andrew does have his sweet moments, no one should ever underestimate his motives.

Wayne: Andrew’s only son, whose been groomed to take over the family company ever since he was a little kid. Yet Wayne wants to break away from the company and his father’s wrath, but he’s not successful thanks to Andrew. After a confrontation with his father, Wayne gets into an accident and must turn to his father for help. In return for his help, Andrew forces Wayne to work at the company. Wayne relishes in his new position at the company, but he hasn’t forgotten about his father’s antics, and soon Wayne’s plotting revenge against daddy dearest.

Curious to know more about the characters of Westmore, check out my site for more information.

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