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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review - Magical Max Makes Friends by Mary Lou Decosterd

Title: Magical Max Makes Friends
Series: Magical Max #1
Author: Mary Lou Decosterd Ph. D.
Genre: Childrens Book, Picture Book
Publisher: Impression Publishing
Received: Purchased
Release Date: September 2005
Pages: 28

What is it About?

A cute little white dog named Max makes friends with everyone he meets.
My Thoughts:

Max the dog is adorable and his magical glow with warm feelings he gets when making new friends reminds me something like spiderman’s spidey senses.   This little starry eyed dog is one of the friendliest dogs in world. He even befriends cats!

Max shows how easy it is to make friends even for people but he also learns not to be too eager as he was with the ducks.  But I think everyone should be eager to see what happens next in Max’s magical adventures.


Official Magical Max Site

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