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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review - Fairy Colors by Caroline Repchuk

Title: Fairy Colors
Series: N/A
Author: Caroline Repchuk
Genre: Board Book, Toddler
Publisher: Scholastic
Received: Swap site
Release Date: March 2007
Pages: 10

What is it About?

Brightly clothed fairies teach color with sparkles and rhymes.

My Thoughts:

Good for a baby thru toddler years this board book has cut out on each page of the colorful dresses of the fairy.  The colors have sparkly and shiny texture.  The story seems to be a short poem with a little bit of rhyming and learning.

The book is pretty simple.  Simple isn’t bad but to me I like something isn’t  as simple as this. I think that it is pretty and the short story is okay. Probably better for a girl then a boy although that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be for a boy.  



1 comment:

Tea norman said...

My granddaughter would have a fit over this book.