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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How To Shove Yourself Out Of That Reading Slump

How To Shove Yourself Out Of That Reading Slump
by Shannon McGee

For avid reader who reads every day and maybe some who don’t.  We tend to get into a reading slump.   So we start reading less or not at all.   For those of us with a TBR pile that holds mostly review copies we panic which makes the pressure to read worse and make you not want read more.  

Well I think to start with you have to identify why I am reading less or not at all. Is it because real life has come to a boil?  Or is it because all you are reading is books you do not like or only so-so ? If it is the second lets face it as book bloggers we do this out of love of books not okay book. So we have to find that love again.

If is real life that keeping you from reading then just take a break till the waves calm.   If it because you love of books is drowning in a bunch of book you only think is mediocre or you are not sure about.  Well then think of a book you have been dying to read or a book series you love but never finished the series.  Start reading that book. After reading the book you know you will love you can slowly start trying books that you weren’t sure about but always throw a book you will love inbetween.

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