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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review - The Asking And Other Stories by Charles G. Timm

Title: Asking And Other Stories
Series: Charles G. Timm
Genre: Short Stories
Publisher: Charles G. Timm
Received: from author for review
Release Date:  April 2011
Pages: 25

What is it About?

Short fictional stories about real life.

My Thoughts:

Not my usual genre. And by that I mean realistic fiction not short stories.  What I mean by realistic fiction is stories bases on pretty much present day with characters that think a lot or have more conversation then really much action.   That would pretty much describe these stories.

I did not dislike it but it also did not feel overwhelmed with love for the stories. I try to think of one that really stuck out to me a memorable I would have to say the second to last story, The Ride, where two co-workers discuss there future, and hopes.

For me there wasn’t enough to the story to really get to know the characters or feel for them.  I see some of them as good starts to something but really unfinished.

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