Friday, September 2, 2011

Review - The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay

Title: The Last Dragon
Series: N/A
Authors: Jane Yolen, Rebecca Guay
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Dark Horse     
Received: From Net Galley
Release Date:  October 2011
Pages: 144

What is it About?

Unwittingly a young healer brings to her town a dragon, the last dragon.  After violent attacks from the dragon they search for a true hero to slay it.

My Thoughts:

There was nothing I truly loved about this graphic novel only things I liked.  I enjoyed the art work which was very different then most graphic novel art.  I liked the story especially the switch in who the true hero ended up being but was not fond of the dialogue.  

I liked the fairy tale feel to it I don’t know if this was a retelling of original fairy tale or not. It had wonderful description of characters and the art seemed to fit them nicely.

Overall there where things I disliked such as characters and there voice but in the end I felt I enjoyed the tale.  I would recommend it for those who like original grim fairy tales.  



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