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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Professor Was A Thief - L. Ron Hubbard

The Professor Was a Thief (Stories from the Golden Age)

Title: The Professor Was A Thief
Series: N/A
Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction,
Publisher: Galaxy Press LLC.
Received: From Publicist for review
Release Date: July 2009
Pages: 102

What is it About?

3 mystery/science fiction short stories by author L. Ron Hubbard.

My Thoughts:

I have never read anything by Hubbard before.  It was interesting to say the least to see what his brain would come up with story wise.   

This book features 3 stories 1 more of a mystery and the other 2 science fiction.

-The Professor was a Thief -
Frankly this story bored me and I was thankful that it was a short story and not a full book because I did not find it fun to read.  I could not tell if this was suppose to be future, past or present.  It was about a Professor who went around miniaturizing the town and stealing buildings like the empire state building.   It just did not seem like a believable story and I think a poor one to start off the book with.

-Battle of Wizards-
This was a little better but here is where Hubbard’s science is stronger then god comes into play.  It is about humans and a alien race battling off.  Us human are suppose to have greater knowledge because of science then the alien race who has magic.  I felt I was getting a little bombarded with “science is great, science is god” .  I know that Hubbard started Scientology and have not read the main books for it but this I think was where it gets it’s roots from.

-The Dangerous Dimension-
Finally a story I could believe and enjoyed.  I felt like this book was butt backwards.
Still about science but I could relate to it.  This story was about the power of thought and how a scientist had figured out an equation that by thinking he could be transported anywhere in the universe. I know first hand that thought can be as strong as words spoken, so this story resonated.  I am not saying it could happen I am saying I see how it could be possible...sort of.
This was just a much better story and it should have been what the book started with.

I have other Hubbard book that I got from BEA 2011 and hope to read them soon.   Thankfully I liked the last story so hopefully there might be others I enjoy.

L. Ron Hubbard

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