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Monday, July 4, 2011

Musing Monday - July 4th 2011 - Cull or Surrender?

This week’s musing (courtesy of the BookCrazy Yahoo! group) asks…
Below is a link to an NPR discussion about the simple fact that there’s no way you can read, see and experience all the things that are available to be experienced. The two methods for dealing with it are culling (i.e., cutting out certain genres that don’t interest you, etc.) or surrender (i.e., just making peace with the facts and enjoying what you can in the time that you have).
So, do you cull, or do you surrender? Or do you do both?

At different time I do cull and surrender.  I cull when sports or business are involved or like cutting out for now horror reads.   I don't count these as something that will be permanent because I am changing all the time so I never know what I am going to read next or like next so I except that my tastes will change or I try to.


LibrarySnake said...

Good answer :)

Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

Great answer. Here's mine:

Jessica @

Vicki said...

I'm with you when it comes to business and sports.
Here’s My Musing

Anonymous said...

I hardly have time to read the books I want to!

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caite said...

your tastes do change...
I think I tend more to surrender.
Sure, you must cull to some degree (so many books, so little time...), but I also think you have to stay a little open to every genre.