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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mixed-up Magic by Gail Herman

Mixed-Up Magic (Fairy School)
Title: Mixed-up Magic
Series: Fairy School
Author: Gail Herman
Genre: Chapter Book, Childrens Book
Publisher: Skylark     
Received: Swapsite
Release Date: October 1999   
Pages: 80

What is it About?
Young Dorrie is probably one of the clumsiest fairy you’ll meet.  Unless you met her fairy godmother.   

My Thoughts:

Dorrie the fairy feels like she is no good at anything.  She trips and stumbles, she can’t spells right and even her fairy godmother is clumsy.   Dorrie wonders if she will ever be good at anything.

This a good book for kids with low self esteem.  I believe there is a young clumsy Dorrie in us all.  Somedays it is just like that.  Even though everyday seems to be like that for Dorrie, she still has friends, family and support.   She a all around good fairy she just has to see it.  Luckily her fairy godmother is smart enough to help.

A little hokie at times but down right cute book.



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TheBookGirl said...

This does sound cute, and I agree that there is a little bit of the clumsy in most of us :)