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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Locke and Key : Welcome to Lovecraft Vol. 1 by Joe Hill

Locke & Key V. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft TPB (Locke & Key (Idw) (Quality Paper))


Title: Locke and Key : Welcome to Lovecraft Vol. 1
Series:Locke and Key   
Author: Joe Hill
Genre: Graphic Novel, Horror
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Received: I do not own
Release Date: September 2008
Pages: 158

What is it About?
A family deals with the death of father/husband and inherits a house with strange supernatural features.

My Thoughts:

I have never read any thing by Joe Hill or Lovecraft and I have to say I was impressed with the creepiness of the story.  My favorite supernatural thing that happened was the the door in the house you go through and you die but you can come back to your body later.   As you are dead you see everything going on in the house.   

I am not sure where Lovecraft comes into play but I know that Lovecraft is known for generally insinuating creepy feeling.   I think this does that to some extent but it is a graphic novel so most of it is visual.  The writing is definitely is what helps it along.

Visually the art is stunning and gets the job done.

I couldn’t really ask for more or a better storyline for this graphic novel.



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