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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Review - Me And My Dragon by David Biedrzycki

 Me and My Dragon

Title: Me And My Dragon
Series: N/A
Author: David Biedrzycki
Genre: Children’s Book , Picture Book
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Received: From Publicist for Review
Release Date: July 2011
Pages: 40

What is it About?

A little boy thinks about what would be best about having a pet dragon!

My Thoughts:

Utterly Adorable and funny!  This book made me laugh out loud at not only the pictures but the descriptions of how this little boy would love a pet dragon and why.   Every time I look at the book I find something sneaky hiding in the back of the illustrations.  Like how the blue bird of happiness appears on a uniform and then in the background as the boy teaches his dragon how to fly.    The scared dogs that appear in the pet window  and obedience school.  Just open the book an really look at it in detail.   There are so many little Easter eggs.

Easter eggs aside it is cute story about a boy and his pet fire breathing dragon.  Who keep each other company through thick and thin.  Through campfire smores and foods you don’t eat but your dragon will.  Even for the biggest kid this book will make you laugh if not giggle.


Official Site of Author and Illustrator David Biedrzycki

Official Facebook page for David Biedrzycki

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