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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Witches Of East End by Melissa De La Cruz

Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family)


Title: Witches of East End
Series: Beauchamp Family Series #1
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Genre: Fantasy,
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Received: From Publicist  for review purposes
Release Date: June 2011
Pages: 272

What is it About?
Joanna and her daughter Freya and Ingrid have been around for centuries but they have to hide who they truly are because of a pact made long ago. It‘s so hard if you are made of magic to not use a little of it here and there even if you not suppose to.

My Thoughts:

The first paragraph I was not so into the book at first and then characters came. Then there was their histories  and the stories they told.  Freya and her sexiness overflowing into her drinks and love life and Ingrid with bookish smarts and ability to know things.  Then there is the mother Joanna always the mother but never to controlling because after all she has learned through centuries that her children can manage.

This is the start of a series that I think spinned-off  of De La Cruz’s Blue Blood series which is a Young Adult series.   In my opinion this series in particular is not for teens because there were some strong sex scenes in this book!  I am not sure if the Blue Blood series is the same because I haven’t read it.

You do get to meet some of the Blue Blood characters and seeing some of the them in this book has peaked my interest.

There is so much going with this series that you can tell needs to be told.  It could have prequels, sequels and who know what else.   I found the original way that the mother and daughter stayed around for centuries laugh out loud funny.  There was just so much I enjoyed with this book it was all fun!


Melissa De La Cruz


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