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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reflections of My Mind (Volume 1) by Joe Cordrey

Reflections of My Mind (Volume 1)

Title: Reflections of My Mind   
Series: N/A
Author: Joe Cordrey
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: CreateSpace  
Received: From Author for Review Purposes
Release Date: February 2011   


What is it About?
A poetry book featuring poems on love, friendship and loss.

My Thoughts:

I do enjoy poems that rhyme more then some and I did feel the emotions that I believe was in the poems.

I do not feel these poems had to be in all caps shouting at us deliberately or not. A few times author says “Honey don’t ask me why” in different poems. It feels condescending.

I think I did view these poems in a different emotional way the writer intended. I just don’t feel some of the poems were very good, I am sorry to say.  That is not to say some weren’t I just come back from the book feeling these may not have been the author’s best poems to put into a book.



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