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Monday, June 27, 2011

Musing Monday - June 27, 2011 - Inspired by

This week's musing asks...
Have you ever read a book that inspired you to take up a cause? What book was it, and what is/was the cause?

The Artist's WayThere have been books I read that inspired me to take up causes but the follow through is what I never seem to get to.   I will say right now I am participating in the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and that in some ways is helping towards a goal I believe I may make to be involved with Art Therapy in some way to help other cope in recovery of illness.   

On a side note thank you every one with the kind words at the hard time we are having now.  We do appreciate them.   While I may not be able to visit everyone back I do read all the comments and thank you. 


Gigi Ann said...

I read for fun and pleasure, so can't say I've been moved to follow a cause.

I understand why sometimes we can't always visit and comment. I feel that way some days also. However, after I visit and comment I find it encouraging. However, it can be very time consuming, somedays, so if I don't have the time, I may not visit and comment.

LibrarySnake said...

Intersting book, sounds liek it had an impact on you.

Vicki said...

I mainly read for pleasure, but have read a book now and then that inspires me to do something. More times than not I don't follow through.

Sorry you're going through a hard time right now.