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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

City Above The Sea And Other Poems by Stephen Alan Saft

City Above the Sea and Other Poems: A Collection


Title: City Above the Sea And Other Poems   
Series: N/A   
Author: Stephen Alan Saft
Genre: Poetry
Publisher:  Xlibris Corporation
Received: From Author for Review Purposes
Release Date: December 2008
Pages: 104

What is it About?
Detailed Poetry of events, future, past and people who have inspired Mr. Saft.

My Thoughts:

To fully grasp the beauty of these poems they need to be read over and over again.  Each time you will find a richness in description whether it be about tomatoes, cucumbers or city above the sea.

One that sticks with me has a anti Vietnam War Chant of the 1960’s
“Hey, Hey LBJ
How many boys did you kill today?”

That chant in it’s own right is chilling to think about especially if put in the perspective of the poems claims.

Very good and moving pieces of work if you have time to really let you mind soak in the true meanings.

Stephen Alan Saft’s Site

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