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Monday, May 9, 2011

Well-Being For Dummies editor Elizabeth Kiball

Title: Well Being For Dummies   
Series: For Dummies
Editor: Elizabeth Kiball
Genre: Self Help   
Publisher: Wiley Publishing     
Received: From (not for resale)
Release Date: 2010

What is it About?
This book talks about all the basics of being healthy.  How to not stress, how to build brain power, plan retirement and be social.

My Thoughts:

Consider this suppose to be a simple book  for Well-Being.   I can say this book made me think about my well-being more but more then anything stressed me out more.

They have “easy” crossword puzzles in the book.   I don’t how “easy” it really was I barely could figure out any of the answer out.  And thinking about retirement funds or 401k when you are disabled already not really helpful in that area.  The not stressing about things that was okay and somewhat helpful as was having a social all things that are really basic to know if you are trying to get healthy.



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