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Monday, May 2, 2011

Return of the Mystery Book Giveaway

Yes it the return of the Twitter Mystery Book Giveaway At Confuzzled Books.
Some of you new may not know of it but here is how it goes...
For half of the book I will post a sentence about each chapter.  No names of characters will be used but you will be able (for fun not to win the book yet) guess which book it is on twitter or in the comments here.
 Some of the books will be popular sometimes not so much...but have fun any way! 

I will twitter about the book until the announcement of the book which will be at 8 pm EST here at Confuzzled Books!  That post with the book and title is where you will be able to your name into the comments for a chance to win a signed copy of that book!

Remember when I start twittering you can post in the comments of what book you think it is but I will only tell you by email if you are right.  I want the guessing to keep going until 8pm!

Get Ready to Shake Your Pixie Dust ! Who wants a contest!

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