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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Change Yourself, Change the World!

I am not sure where this topic is going or if I will make this an event, but somethings about the news, media, and the way people react to it (including me) is bothering me.

My Husband and I had a discussion last night about how we wished we could do something to help make the world better.   Both of us came up with an "I Don't Know" answer.

I have so many ideas but fear stops me from doing everything including things I use to like doing and don't now.  I want to change this.   If you want to change this in yourself or something else...maybe you will join me on this journey.   I am going ask some questions more for myself to answer.  If you want to take them to your blog or the comments and answer them feel free.

Have you read anything today that inspired you to do something today/ this week?

Yes I am actually reading a book (surprisingly it's sci-fi/fantasy) called Harmony.  The story is about a young woman who thought she was nothing more then a working class lower status but is actually prophecied  to bring about Harmony back to the planet.   Because of this book I am reminded of how I have felt in the past that I wanted to be a teacher or teach something..not nessacerily a school teacher.

Have you actually motivated yourself to do something to change?
The Artist's Way
Yes,  in my mindset I feel I have.  I am also re-starting a book (self help type) The Artist's Way to further my mindset to maybe reach a purpose...if I have one.  I had problems finishing it before but maybe this time the charm.

How can others help you?

Just by reading this and acknowledging an agreement.  Maybe encouragement passed on to each other. I don't know really...

What are you trying to prove?

Nothing and Everything!  We all need something...


Jeanna's Bookshelf said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog on tuesday. :) I am a little late in getting back to everyone :) I finished the book I gave the teaser on. Hope you can stop by and check out the review. Following you back.

Jenny said...

I think one of the best ways to change the world is to change ourselves, so there you go. I don't think any books I've read have inspired me lately but they often do. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Maybe making it an event would be a good idea!
Have a great sunday!