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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Is Done by Peter Yarrow

Title: Day Is Done
Author: Peter Yarrow
Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book
Publisher: Sterling    
Received: I do not own
Release Date: October 2009
Pages: 24

What is it About?
Parents comfort a boy child with song nearing the end of the day.

My Thoughts:

First I off I barely know the song that this book referenced and I did not get to listen to the CD that comes with the book.   I was impressed with the art and the had the tune of the song in my head as I read it.  It felt... I wouldn’t say depressing but very mellow...almost too mellow.

Also this seems to be only for a son.   As in the song or story “I will be here my son” is throughout the book.  Nothing wrong with that I just thought Puff the Magic Dragon is more for every child or adult but a little hard to translate this song into book form for more then boys.

I loved the art and the message but not the wording for a book.  Maybe with the CD it stands out better.



Book Dilettante said...

Cute children's books!
Book Dilettante

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Sounds like a cute little book. Maybe when my cousin's newborn is a little older ...

Cheryl said...

This does sound like a cute book. My girls love to read too! They are 2 (almost 3) and 9! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Marie said...

Hmm. I'm surprised it's not more gender neutral.

GMR said...

Hmm, gotta say the cover definitely caught my eye, but it seems it may be tailored to a particular audience within. Perhaps a good fit for Father's Day though....thanks for sharing! ^_^