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Monday, May 16, 2011

Books to Talk About - The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea Vol. I and Vol.II by S.D. Moore

The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea, Vol. 1   The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea Vol. II: Nothing But the Tooth

Let's Talk about about

Officially I am promoting Vol . II which just came out but how can you mention a Vol. II of the Adventure of PJ And Split Pea with out mentioning Vol. I

PJ a little boy small for his age and is known to get picked on gains a friend in a parrot name Split Pea, who has a British accent, also has things about his feathers that indeed make him a target for teasing..
Together they go on humorous adventures as the author uses kid logic and lessons in life to make it through troubled times.

In Vol. I  Fine Feathered Friends PJ and Split Pea met for the first time and PJ tries to help Split Pea with his feather problem.

 Then In Vol. II Nothing but the Tooth PJ loses a tooth just before school pictures and tries various way to come out with the perfect school picture.

 Did any of you readers get picked on as children like PJ and Split Pea do?
As bullying and teasing are big topics for today and  part of growing up for most kids (myself included).  Do you think a book like this would have helped you or would help any kid dealing with these issues learn to laugh and enjoy life a little more?
Leave a comment and discuss below.

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