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Monday, April 18, 2011

Philadelphia Free Library Book Festival! What Happend...Rain Happended?

taken from Free Philadelphia library fest

Well I planned on having a great day Saturday the 16 th at the Book Festival and the rain kinda spoiled it.  That and me falling on my knee (the bad one) on the first step in.   

Although I meet some wonderful authors and saw some great books I wanted to pick up.  Unfortunately I came home with 0 books.  

Well as I said it was raining and after walking for a while talking to people I decided to sit inside and then there was a wonderful presentation by illustrator/ author Kadir Nelson.  He was very inspiring showing the audience drawing first from his childhood till his most recent.  I saw many similarities in they way I draw and can only hope one day to have that much talent. After the presentation I went back outside to pick some marvelous books and came to find the rain scared them all away. *shakes fist at sky* sigh...but since I know some of you may not have gotten to the festival at all I will show you some of the books I hoped to get.

As for now they will have to wait until after my birthday.  Happy Reading and Writing!

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