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Monday, April 25, 2011

Books to Talk About - The Answer by Allison Wynn

Today I would like to take some time and post about a book that I have not read yet but I think would spark discuss.   The book is called The Answer by Allison Wynn.

From Press Release
"...Wynn’s accessible narrative begins with Eric McPhearson stopping off at his favorite coffee shop for a pick-me-up before work. He is an angry man. His marriage is non-existent; his career seems on the rocks. While sipping his coffee, he spots and starts reading a stranger’s journal left on a table.
What he reads in the fine, leather bound journal suddenly silences all the anger inside him. He undergoes a breakthrough in his troubled marriage and his work, and he begins to live a happier, more peaceful existence.
Like Eric, the readers of The Answer will begin to explore the roots of the conflicts they’re experiencing in their relationships, and through the book’s simple, resonating message begin to make peace with those relationships. While that is sometimes easier said than done, Wynn acknowledges, her process does work and does restore the power of choice to create changes in one’s life.
Allison Wynn has spent thirty years as a professional in leadership effectiveness, personal empowerment coaching and family and relationship development. The two questions she’s been asked the most, she writes, are “How do I deal with anger in either myself or others?” and “How do I create a more peaceful life?”
This guide was written from her experience in helping others to find a practical way to answer those questions..."

I think those are good questions at the end there... How do you deal with anger in myself or others?...Then How can you create a peaceful life?

My answers:   With anger in myself I have in previous time let it build until I burst and something bad happens.   Then there is blame and guilt and anger at myself for not voicing what I felt in the first place.  
If someone is angry with me I am usually very sensitive about it I again blame myself feelings of fault and guilt.    They get angry with me I get angry with me.   

How do I create a peaceful life ...well trying to deal with issue straight forward now and not waiting until I burst and hurt someone or myself.  

How would you answer these questions and what are your thoughts on the book?  Post in the comments!!

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Jenny said...

Sounds interesting. I'm always interested in peoples ideas. I have no idea how I'd answer those questions. I have a fairly peaceful life (I think) but then again I do have a pretty nasty temper. Maybe I should try this book.