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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make That A Table For Seven by Angie and Storm Davis

Title: Make That a Table for Seven
Series: None
Author(s): Angie and Storm Davis
Genre: Children's Picture Book
: AuthorHouse
Received: Received through communication with Boswick Communication and author
Release Date: February 1, 2010 
Finished: June 15, 2010
Pages: 20
Challenges: None

My Thoughts: Two black bear cubs are living alone in a cave without parents. The oldest of the cubs, the boy Ferbie, knows a family of grizzly bears and decides to ask if his sister, Peppie, can live with them.

A good book for young ones who have been adopted into a family that already has kids. Even though the bears are different, Ferbie and Peppie being black bears and their adoptive family being Grizzlies, they don't make that a big deal . The cubs are accepted because the grizzlies' hearts are full of love for them.

About the Author: Angie Davis is the wife of co-author Storm Davis and mother of their five children. While Storm traveled as a professional baseball player, the family followed. Now the couple are authors, and this is the first book they have written. Check out their website,

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