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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Write On Wednesday - Hidden Talents

Write on Wednesday event takes place at Write on Wednesday blog.

How many people spend their entire lifetime headed in the wrong direction, without ever uncovering their greatest talents and potential. Could you be one of them?

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Hidden Talents

There are only two career paths I have ever thought I would do since I was little.  From before the time I knew I could draw I wanted to be a Vet.  I have always loved animals and I use to bring home stray cats much to my father dislike.  I never went forward in that path because once I got to high school I took a biology class were we dissected animals and I couldn't do the cutting. That and I hate needles even if they are not going in me.  I figured if I can't cut a dead animal how would I ever be able fix a live one. 
Although in high school at that I time I had already decided that I would do something with art.   I went to college at Kutztown University and studied art thinking that I would maybe become a set designer for plays and such. My dream job was that I would work for Disney creating new characters for movies.   I never went forward with that because it was just a dream I never felt I was good enough for Disney.  I dropped out of college after the 2 year so I  didn't train my artist abilities too long.  

Now I practice my craft on wooden boxes or canvas, and sculpt  polymer clay creations.  Maybe one day I will take classes at my local college again but as for now anything is still possible... I guess.

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Becca said...

Someday you may have an opportunity to develop those talents further - you never know!

Thanks for Writing on Wednesday :)