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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Write on Wednesday - Going Green

Write On Wednesday is a event that takes place at Write on Wednesday

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day and in anticipation of spring, today’s theme is all about Green…perhaps you’ll write about saving the environment, or today’s holiday, or even the old green eyed monster, jealousy.

Write about
Going Green

The Wearin' of the Green - I am wearing green today so no one can pinch me. You know it is funny in all my 32 years I have never heard of the practicing of pinching if not wearing green until Yahoo posted on the home page about it. I don't think anyone has ever done it to me and I know there were St. Paddy's days that I forgot to wear green.
I think the younger me only dressed in green or decorated the house for the holiday but the older over 21 me has had her share of visiting an Irish pub or bar and share of alcoholic shots during that day. I think the most memorable night was at a bar with my mother-in-law and mother, who get along amazingly. There was much green beer and Kamikazes. Weird thing is I don't think I got drunk that night and I had a lot of hard liquor. Not even a buzz. Tonight my husband and I have planned to go to a local Pub depending on how crowded it is.

Keeping the Green Grow - As for the environmental stuff, since I was probably about 6 or 7(maybe 7 or 8). I seriously use to worry about the environment. I knew about recycling, where I learned it from I have no idea but I actually got two friends one the same age as me and her younger brother to help pick up aluminum cans at the elementary school we attended down the streets.

Then there was in fourth or fifth grade I got out of class to show the second graders how to recycle paper (newspaper) into another blank page of paper. Another student in my class somehow became my partner in the project and I am really not sure how it happened. I remember making the paper in front of the class and then we answered question from the kids and I believe my little brother was in the class. It was very intimidating, encouraging and rewarding. I thank the second grade teacher Mrs. P. (R.I.P.) who was my first grade teacher and my favorite.

As an adult I don't do much enivormental stuff except separate recyclables and I don't really remember how to make the recycled paper anymore. I worried so much about things as a kid including the environment as an adult I imploded and eventually had to pick my fights on what to worry about because I have learned that the brain can only hold so much. Probably not the best thing that the environment is lower on my lists now but you never know that could change.

It's Not Easy Being Green - This just in Confuzzled Books' background has disappeared. Any one remember that I had green squares going down the sides of my blog. If anyone has seen them please let me know because all I am seeing is gray background. Let me know if it just me.


Dawn M. said...

You're not the only one. I'm only seeing gray, as well.

dArLyN said...

i'm seeing grey too..

Thorin said...

I don't see the green from work either, love. Blogspot ate your background.