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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

Title: True Colors
Series: None
Author(s): Kristin Hannah
Genre: Fiction, Women's Fiction
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Received from: Bought for book club and will be given away for free.
Release Date: February 3, 2009
Finished: January 2010
Pages: 528
Challenges: None

My Thoughts: Three sisters, Winona, Aurora and Vivi Anne, are as different as people can be. Vivi Anne starts seeing someone that Winona is falling for, but she never tells Vivi Anne so this causes discord among them. Luke, the guy involved with Vivi Anne, has really fallen for her and wants her hand in marriage, but Vivi Anne then falls for new farm hand Dallas Raintree. Through out their lives, each sister has her ups and down, but they remain family even if sometimes they wish they weren't.

I enjoyed this one. I especially liked the younger sister, Viva Anne, her romance with Dallas Raintree and later the introduction to their son, Noah. Author Kristin Hannah has a way with evolving the characters and bringing them to life.

About the Author: Kristen Hannah wrote her first while pregnant with her first child. She has written a total of 16 now. Visit her website at

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