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Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Geeks( Haiti) and more

To my recollection I have not read any books about Haiti. Nor have I read any by someone from Haiti. So to remedy that fact I decided to check out books about or take place in Haiti. After checking out places like and I found at least three books that interested me. The first one, "Josephine's 'Magination: A Tale of Haiti" by Arnold Dobrin, was a childrens' picture book and was available for swap. The other two, "Anacaona: Golden Flower (The Royal Diaries)" and "The Magic Orange Tree : and Other Haitian Folktales", are on my wish list. So that two children books and one folklore book.

I have drawn a picture of a child that could be of Haiti holding a blanket around herself. On the blanket there is a heart and in the heart is the image that can be found on the Haitian flag.

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