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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raising Yoder's Barn by Jane Yolen

Title: Raising Yoder's Barn

Series: no

Author(s): Jane Yolen

Genre: Children's Picture Book

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

Release Date: 1998

Finished: July 2009

Pages: 32

Challenges: None


My Thoughts: This is a interesting picture book that teaches children about Amish life. On one Amish farm, a stroke of lightning hits the barn, and it burns to the ground. The next day, the whole Amish community gets together to raise (build) a new barn. The are so orderly and prepared that it makes on wonder, how often does a barn burn down? It is an educational book for kids that shows a community coming together to help each other.

About the Author: Jane Yolen has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America. She has written over 300 books, and you can visit her site at

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Wanda said...

I've read many Jane Yolen books to my children over the years ... not sure that I remember this one though.