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Monday, June 29, 2009

Winner of RABW 6/29/09!

Congrats to Becky who said... I recommend L.M. Montgomery. I loved The Blue Castle.

I picked this because I actually have never read anything by Montgomery. I use to watch the Avonlea show that was the Disney channel I believe. The Blue Castle sounded very romantic.

To gaby317 said...
I recommend the Commoner by John Burnham Schwartz. It's the story of Empress Michiko, the first commoner to marry into the Japanese Imperial family. Haruko excels in tennis and through this meets the Crown Prince. The prince admires her greatly and she eventually agrees to marry him against her father's recommendations. Her family worried that she would be lost to them living with the restrictions and expectations of members of the Imperial family, the book covers her isolation and difficult adjustment but with great sympathy and kindness. It's a beautiful love story and I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters.I found it wonderfully written, touching and fascinating to read.

This one seem like it would be okay but didn't really catch my interest.

To Llehn who said...
I would like the recommend Mistress Of The Sun by Sandra Gulland. The book chronicles the life of Louise de la Vallière (1644–1710), mistress to Louis XIV, France's Sun King. Her meteoric rise from an impoverished background to become the king’s mistress attracted unwanted attention and her life was filled with the terrors and tragedies that accompany all internecine tales of palace intrigue. Amid rumors of black magic and sorcery, loved ones would die, and she herself would ultimately arrive at a crossroads where she would be forced to choose between her loyalty to the king and her own personal salvation. Go to to learn more about what other people are saying about the book.

This would have been my second pick. The rumors of magic and sorcery sounds quite interesting.

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