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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer of Hitchcock - North by Northwest

Amy at My Friend Amy has an event going on called The Summer of Hitchcock. Watch the Hitchcock movies listed here every week and then write about them. I thought it sounded like fun because the only Hitchcock movie I remember is Psycho and parts of The Birds.

I am behind on my posts. I watched North by Northwest the first week of the Summer of Hitchcock and I was surprised how much I liked it. This one was probably was the one I was most excited about. As soon as Amy posted about the Summer of Hitchcock I was interested.

My favorite scene was probably where the main character was drunk and trying to tell his story to the police.

The main thing my husband and me were surprised was that these movies stand the test of time and are still good.

"Also, here's a little meme you can do for Summer of Hitchcock...feel free to put your responses on your blog and leave a link in Mister Linky. Just include in parentheses that it's the meme and not a review of North by Northwest."

1) What film are you most looking forward to watching this summer?
2) How many Alfred Hitchcock films have you seen before?
3) Which one is your favorite?
4) Is there one you don't like?
5) Is there one you wish was on the list but isn't?

1) I am looking forward to all but Psycho. I have watched that one enough times that I don't think I need to see again for a while.

2) I have seen Psycho and The Birds and now North by Northwest.

3)I enjoy North by Northwest a lot.

4) I am tired of Psycho. I don't remember The Birds that well so that will be interesting to see again.

5) I was kinda hoping that some his earlier movie would be on the list just because I have my dad's set of Hitchcock movies but they are all older. Oh well maybe they are not as good.

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