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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mystery Signed Book Giveaway #7

I will start Tweets about the new Signed Book Giveaway soon. Probably about 7 pm EST time. Every 15 min I will post about another page in the book. That's right page. This one up is a children's book it is one I collected from BEA and is signed by the illustrator. The book is 32 Pages long so that means 16 tweets on twitter about the book.

If you like you can make comments in this post which book it may be.

One more hint this book doesn't have words it is all illustration.

So follow me on Twitter if you would like to see what happens in this book. You can follow post under hash tag #MysteryBookGiveaway.

Edit: 7:30 pm The hash tag isn't working for some reason. I am not sure if there is something else I have to do or what. I will keep post under it though.

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