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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review - Wolf Will Build For by Bea Chiccarine & Jan Whittaker

Title: Wolf Will Build for
Series:: none
Author(s):: Bea Chiccarine & Jan Whittaker
Genre:: Children's Picture Book
Summary: The three little pigs are looking for a new home on the Internet, but they're deceived by the big bad wolf in disguise as a building constructor, and once he has their personal information, he keeps coming after them in different disguises.
Finished: 05/01/09
Pages: 32
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: I like the idea of this book, and it is a fact that we need more books for kids on Internet security. Kudos to the author for coming up with the idea.

I have one issue with the book, though: the Internet needs to be more prominent. There are two pages involving a computer, and the rest is the wolf does continually coming after them in different disguises. But because you don't see the computer again, it just comes off as "don't trust anybody because they are all wolves in disguise." If the image of the pigs giving out their information online was repeated, it would have done a better job of driving home the message of Internet security.

So it's a good idea, but the book needs to focus on the Internet with more repetitiveness to really drive the message home, in my opinion.

About the Authors: Bea Chiccarine & Jan Whittaker are both elementary school teachers. This is the first book for both.

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