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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review - New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Title: New Moon

Series:: Twilight Series

Author(s):: Stephenie Meyer

Genre:: Teen Romance

Summary: Bella deals with missing Edward by becoming closer to Jacob, who has a secret.

Finished: 04/27/09

Pages: 576

Challenges: Vampire Challenge


My Thoughts: Continuing the story of Bella, Edward and Jacob, Edward leaves Bella after an accident, feeling it's better for her. Bella struggles with missing Edward, and becomes best friends with Jacob, who has a mystical secret.
I heard this was one of the least favorites for most Twilight readers, and it was for me as well. It was basically a way to get Jacob involved more and make the love triangle stronger. I don't know why, but I don't like Jacob. I felt that way as soon as he was introduced in Twilight. The fact that he also has a family secret and that he is competing with Edward annoys me. I also started this book and then put it down when Edward Left Bella, and didn't come back to it until after I saw the Twilight movie (and got some prodding from my cousin). So I never got the full Twilight series effect where I felt I had to read all the books at once. I am going to continue reading because I want to see where it goes, but this one was only okay.

About the Author: Stephenie Meyer is a mother of 3 and author of 4 books: the Twilight series and a book starting another series, The Host. Visit her Offical Site at


Rebecca said...

New Moon wasn't a favorite, but it was still good as part of the series. I still think Twilight rocks! And I love seeing people get inspired by the series in so many different ways, like music, etc.

Kelly said...

You're a better woman than me! I couldn't get past the first one...waaay too much teen angst and drama for me, I think I'm just too dang old for the books! But my 27 year old and 14 year old daughter just love them! Go figure!

Serena said...

I liked this book, but i don't think it was as compelling as books #1 and #3

Nicole said...

This one wasn't my favorite either. Not enough Edward.
My favorite is the third one. Check that one out!