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Monday, April 13, 2009

Review - Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis

Title: Ladybug Girl
Series:: Ladybug Girl Series
Author(s):: David Soman and Jacky Davis
Genre:: Children's Book
Summary: A little girl pretends to be a superhero because her older brother won't let her play with him.
Finished: 04/07/09
Pages: 40
Challenges: none

My Thoughts: Just like its artwork, this story is adorable. Out of boredom and just plain fun, this little girl creates ladybug girl. She travels with her dog, doing good deeds to insects and all living creatures. I loved this story; it was so fun. It reminded me a little of David Shannon's Alice the Fairy book.

About the Author: David Soman is the author of three children's books, including this one. I couldn't find anything about Jacky Davis.


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