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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shannon's Review - Zoe At Fairy School by Jane Andrews

Title:: Zoe at Fairy School
Series:: Zoe the Fairy series
Author(s):: Jane Andrews
Genre:: Children's Picture Book
Summary: It is Zoe's first day at fairy school and the queen of the fairies teaches the first lesson.
Finished: 02/18/09
Pages: 32
Challenges: 20 Books in 2009(15)

My Thoughts: The story was only okay. Zoe goes to school and learns to wave her wand ... not much really happens. I guess the lesson in the book is to keep trying till you get it right, but then she turns the mean little elf that picks on her into a toad at the end. Turning the bully into a toad is wishful thinking I guess... The art is whimsical and quaint, but I really didn't enjoy the tale that much.

About the Authors: Jane Andrews has written 10 books in the Zoe the Fairy series and one not about Zoe.

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