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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shannon's Review - Return to Zandria by Christine Norris

Title:: Return to Zandria

Series:: Zandria Series

Author(s):: Christine Norris

Genre:: Young Adult

BookSummary: Ivy returns to the magical land of Zandria with a friend this time. She must go on quest with her friends to find the princess of Zandria and save the magical land.

Finished: 02/03/09

Pages: 228

Challenges: 20 Book in 2009(11),


My Thoughts: This a great sequel that also stands on it own. It has been years since Ivy was last in Zandria, and she had forgotten all about it. After running into her fairy friend, Kaia, memories come back to her. I don't think you need to have read the first book, Tailsman of Zandria, to read this one, since it's a different time period in Ivy's life and she doesn't remember about Zandria until she returns to the magical land. As with Christine Norris' other novels, this one is action packed, but maybe a little more captivating and harder to put down.

About the Authors: Christine Norris is the author of Tailsman of Zandria, The Crown of Zeus and Return to Zandria. You can visit at her website and blog at

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Paradox said...

I've been interested in the Zandria books since I first heard of them, which I believe was over or close to a year ago. I hope one day I get to read them!