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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Author Blogs

Suggested by Barbara H.:
A comment on someone else’s BTT question this week inspired this question:
Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?

I follow a few author blogs . Most of the time it starts out because I met them. Then it ends that they have such great personality that I enjoy reading what they have to blog about and it is a bonus that I get to hear about there upcoming projects.

Here are the authors I follow

Christine Norris - Blog - Website

Elaine Coridae - Blog - Website

Laurie Halse Anderson - Blog - Website ( I haven't met her yet just kinda came across her blog.)


Lynda said...

Interesting answer - mine's here:

gautami tripathy said...

A few authors blogs, I do like visiting..

Authored, are we?!